Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Emotional Mess

     Guys, you know what I mean by emotional mess.I guess most of us have been there and many of us are in that place.The depression,sadness,loneliness,society pressure,parental pressure,tension,fear blah blah blah.Its never ending.And yes this is reality,we have to face barrage of these emotions everyday.And they are very uncomfortable.The most uncomfortable feeling been the feeling of vulnerability(the feeling when your self image fails you).This feeling really sucks as it is fearful as well as it hurts us the most when someone picks you when you are feeling that way.
    Well what is the usual reaction we are sabotaged by such feelings?Obviously we are conditioned to do anything to avoid this feeling,be it through entertainment,relationships,being busy or drugs or whatever,and we put ourself for a lifelong struggle to be happy(or rather to avoid or suppress these feelings).Well there is a limit to the human capacity of struggle and one day or another in one's journey of life,there comes a point where there is no option but to face these feelings.I am aware that I have come at such a point.I have struggled a lot just to be happy and it never works.All experiences are fleeting leaving you unsatisfied.
    In spiritual circle this is called the illusion of samsara where samsara means the conditioned mind.The mind   is highly volatile and unsteady and this is a fact.So if one is living a highly negative reality( it is called the divine mess in spirituality) it is very illogical to find a solution to this negative reality through a volatile mind.It only leads to more confusion and more mess and this cycle is never ending.
    So in my current awareness I find resonance in making peace with this shit.And making peace means literally being okay with this shit,not sorting it out and letting it be.Its called letting go of negativity.In simple words its like if you are feeling crap, keep feeling like crap until it dissolves and there is no more suffering.And the obvious question is 'when will I feel okay?'.Even I dont have answer to this because I am myself on the same journey.But here's a realisation,does it matter as to what time it will take to reach bliss or stability?Because this journey is inevitable.What's your choice,are you willing to live like a free bird?Or are you okay with living like a pig searching for stale food?Do express your opinions

Monday, 18 February 2013

Shitty Change

  What is your current life situation? Are you stuck? Are you feeling hopeless?Are you into passive spirituality without any results?Well most of us are unwilling to change our life and fucking explore its various facets.We would like to live a comfortable and stinky lives like a worm without any aliveness and experimentation.We would rather sit and fret and worry and say'How the world is a fucking shitty place to live'.We would rather eat shit everyday rather than risk change(the pain of change in more straightforward terms).

    What about me?Well I am done with fretting and complaining and am ready to eat the shit of change rather than keep farting about how life is difficult.And yeah change means facing shit!that's reality.So what about you guys? Are you willing to explore and be ready to embrace the shit?Do comment and express your opinions..